21st World Petroleum Congress in Moscow, Russia

The 21st World Petroleum Congress will be held in Moscow June 15 - 19 2014.

BiTherm will be a part of this prestigeous event, where the most important companies of the energy industry such as Repsol, BP, Shell, Saudi Aramco and Gazprom will meet.

For futher information about the congress please visit www.21wpc.com.

20th World Petroleum Congress in Doha, Qatar

20º Congreso del Petroleo en Doha, Qatar

BiTherm was a part of this prestigious event, held December 4-8 2011 in Doha, Qatar.

During this important international event we introduced the latest generation of the SmartWatchWeb wireless remote monitorization system. Its uses in the steam and process gas leak detection have been extended to the field of plant safety (hazardous and explosive gas detection) and intensive Maintenance (IM). IM provides a powerful online maintenance management tool which can increase energetic efficiency between 8% and 15%, with an equivalent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

For futher information about this congress, please visit, www.20wpc.com.

19th World Petroleum Congress in Madrid, Spain

19º Congreso del Petroleo en Madrid

BiTherm formed part of this prestigious event, jointly sponsored by REPSOL YPF and CEPSA. It was celebrated in Madrid, Spain on June 29 through July 3 2008.

BiTherm presented their technological innovations in front of the most important international companies of the petroleum industry.

For further information about this congress, please visit www.19wpc.com.

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