Our history

HistoriaThe company was founded in 1977 in Spain, focused on energy saving studies and audits as well as maintenance of steam and condensate networks in thermal power stations, crude refineries and the petrochemical industry. The experience and expertise acquired in this field allowed BiTherm to develop steam traps that have high energy efficiency and require low maintenance.

The company has always made a strong bet and continuous efforts in R&D&Innovation, resulting in several breakthrough international patents. This has made BiTherm a pioneer in the development of cutting edge steam traps such as bi-thermostatic, intelligent, and monitorization systems for steam and condensate networks (registered trademarks BiTherm, TrapHelp, LeakTector, SmartWatchWeb).

The company’s continuous innovations and professional services have been awarded 3 Gold Medals in the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (2004, 2005, 2012), and other international awards.